Q) What does CornerStone mean?
A) CornerStone is taken from Ephesians 2:19-20:
"you are no longer foreigners and aliens, but fellow citizens
           with God's people and members of God's household, built on
           the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ
           Jesus himself as the chief cornerstone. "

Q) What is the Purpose of CornerStone Youth Ministry?
A) Our goal is to provide teenagers with a safe environment to
       make friendships, have fun, have a real encounter with God,
       and train themselves to lead an authentic, moral, and godly life
       that starts with the inside attitude and leads to external
       environment changes and wise life decisions.

Q) What do you believe and teach?
A) We believe that Jesus is our savior and only way to God through
        his death and resurrection.
      We believe that the Bible is the flawless Word of God and is
        the guideline that we should live our lives by. 
We believe in critical thinking and developing the ability to
        understand and live out moral and wise lifestyles with God's
We teach that God is living and active and wants to have a
        friendship with us, guiding us and giving us the ability to resist
        sin, temptation, and live moral lives.For a more complete list,
        please click here

Q) What happens on a typical night at youth group?
A) The doors open at 6:00 PM every Wednesday
6:00-6:30:   Free Time
The Cafe and pop machine are available.
                      The Game Room is open.
Game Room includes: Wii, Xbox 360, pool tables,  
                      ping pong,foozeball and much more.
   6:30-8:00: CornerStone Youth service begins.
  Every week,there is:
  An interactive game (Dodgeball, for example)
      Top ten list and announcements
      20-30 minutes of worship with the youth band
      An interactive teaching from the Bible
      8:00-8:30: More Free Time! If teens would like to leave at 8,
they can. If they want to continue playing games
or hang out and talk with their friends or the
youth leaders, they are more than welcome to do
that until 8:30.

Q: Do I need to bring money?
   A) The only thing that costs money is the Cafe and the CornerStone          Pepsi machine; so yes, a little cash wouldn't hurt if you're  
        hungry. The Cafe is only open from 6-6:30PM.

Q: What are the rules at youth group?
    A) We only have a few rules for youth group:
1) No purple. (Watch your public displays of affection.)
2) Be nice.
3) Tell someone if you need to leave.
4) Stay where you're supposed to be.
5) Leave it better than you found it.

Q: Can I show up late or leave early?
A)  The service is the most important part of your CornerStone
    We ask that you show up on time for service and plan on
          staying until the service is over. We also ask that you check
          in when you arrive and sign out if you have to leave early.

Q) When can I start attending youth group?
A) Youth Group is for Grades 6-12, so unless you are in 6th
       grade, just hold on. We're not going
       anywhere, and we're getting better every year.

Q) When can I no longer attend youth group?
A) Once again, Youth Group is for teenagers; so once your summer
       break is over after high school, it's probably time to move on
       to bigger and greater things, like CSYA, Vicotory Fellowship
       Church's young adult group that meets on Sundays.

Q) Are parents allowed?
A) If a parent is curious and wants to observe what happens once
       or twice, we gladly invite parents to come and see what we do.
       However, youth group is for teenagers and is designed to
       provide an environment for teenages to learn who they really
       are. Teens sometimes need a little space, so we do request that
       parents don't make a habit of hanging out at youth group.
       (However, if you'd like to get involved at the church or have a
       fundraising idea, feel free to contact us with your suggestions!)

Q) How can I get involved and help?
A) The first step is to get in touch with Pastor Corey. You can
       reach him at 620-342-3676 or send him an email.

Q) What if my questions weren't answered here?
A) If there was a question that we didn't answer, feel free to drop
        an email to Pastor Corey and the CornerStone Team at the link

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